Based in Switzerland we are cryptocurrency experts. And we specialize in Over The Counter Cash Transactions since 2016.

We offer our services in all European countries with a serious competitive advantage regarding commission.


The Buyer

The person who wants to exchange his Fiat Money Cash to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

The Seller

The person who provide the cryptocurrency in numbers and get the cash in exchange.


A person acting on behalf of the Buyer. He accompanies the buyer during the procedure.

Security Company

The service provided by a private company in charge of transboarding and counting the money.

Confidentiality and Сontract

If the customer clearly expresses the need of a business contract, our company specialised in Cryptocurrency deals based in Switzerland is able to provide an official Business Contract stating clearly and officially both parties. Even though it will be official it will nevertheless remain totally confidential.

For more detailed information about cash to bitcoin exchange feel free to contact us by email.

Additional Security

Additional security for the buyer can be provided by a private security company in form of armored vehicles and guards for safer handling of the cash assets.

Why you should exchange cash to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in Europe?

Conclusive & Irrevocable

  • Transactions are conclusive and irrevocable. But this is a doube-edged sword  for you are guaranteed as a seller that the buyer cannot  cancelled his payment back via his bank, any mistake in the recipient  wallet address will be fatal when you are the buyer!
  • Anybody anywhere can accept bitcoin without to provide any identification, phone number , or proof of address. The only thing to do is download a bitcoin wallet and to get a e-wallet address or 10 or 1000 …no limit!

Asset performance

  • Bitcoin is yes, volatile! but in the long run it is engraved in a ever lasting consolidation of its value and with no doubt we all shall see bitcoin over 50 000 anytime soon!
  • Transaction fees are so low compared to the bank fees. 0.0005 BTC per transaction is almost ridiculous!
  • Also the speed of the transaction does not compare with the never ending delay from your  local bank.

Inflation proof guaranteed!

  • Bitcoin cannot be produced unlimited! by the governments like they do manipulating fiat currency. Bitcoin number is fixed for ever 21 millions and that put inflation at bay.
  • At last but not least, the Bitcoin is a real asset. It is producing value and be used as an accumulator of value.

Bitcoin real-time

Bitcoin (BTC)
Rank: 1
$ 54,344.00
Price (BTC)
$ 1.03 T
$ 25.92 B
24h Change
Total Supply
21.00 M BTC

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Cryptocurrency real-time charts

48.013,14 1,48%
3.588,03 2,60%
3,37 3,39%
198,24 2,09%
156,80 4,89%